How Does Temperature Affect Door Locks?

Changes in weather are an inevitable part of our lives which affects many things such as mood, our way of living, our clothing, and you would be surprised to know that it even affects the nature of locks. The fact is unavoidable that one day we can have a pleasant climate and the other day we may have a harsh and windy climate or may face intense humidity.

Therefore, it is vital to realise that the changes in weather may affect the locks we have at our places. We hardly think that the type of weather may affect the overall functioning of the locks and the way we interact with them. So, the temperature should be considered as an important factor in the working of different locks. The locks may jam or not work properly when the temperature may fluctuate and you may need to call a Locksmith immediately.

How Does Summer Affect Door Locks?

In the summer, the temperature usually warms up, due to which various homeowners and business owners may experience jam locks. The warm temperature usually affects exterior doors because the rise in temperature may cause the door to expand a bit. So, as a result, locks may become difficult to turn and may be stuck in one position which may make it difficult for the person to open the door.

The closed deadbolt locks are generally compressed in the door and the door frame swells due to rise in the temperature. Besides this, the wooden exterior doors face a lot of problems as wood is more prone to swelling and contraction in various temperatures.

How Locks Are Affected During The Winters

In most of the area, the lock problems often occur during the cold months of the year and when the temperature falls below freezing than the door frame contracts which makes the door and lock non-compatible. The doors which are generally made of wood tend to contract more in the extremely cold weather.

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Sometimes, it may also become difficult for you to easily open the key in a deadbolt while locking or unlocking the exterior and interior doors. To fix the door immediately, the handle can be pulled in from the outside to recenter the lock. However, this is not a reliable and permanent solution as this may become worse over time and it may become extremely difficult to lock or unlock the door.

Solution For Saving The Locks    

Locks must be installed and maintained regularly so that all types of locks work properly. If you don’t know how to take complete care of your lock than it is a good idea to use a licensed and insured locksmith who will fix all your problems. Moreover, this way all your locks will work in a proper way and the proper installation of locks will make your lock last longer. The key solution to this problem is by using non-wooden frames.

Lubricating Your Locks

Lubricating your locks should also be done at least twice a year by spraying inside with a good quality lubricant. This way locks can work properly and will remain unaffected by various weather conditions.

Therefore, it is vital to take the advice of various Locksmith in Minnetonka Mn so that the locks function properly irrespective of the weather changes. I think now you know How Does Temperature Affect Door Locks?

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